As moms, we are not only responsible for raising the next generation, but also for bettering the condition of Mother Earth. And making green decisions can be as simple as composting and opting for chemical-free cleaners or rather difficult if we're consumerists who cart our kids around in SUVs. To learn about mothers trying to live more ecological lives,


A recent New York Times article focused on EcoMoms, the demographic of women who influence or control 80 percent of household purchases. It said:

The EcoMom party has arrived, with its ever-expanding “to do” list that includes preparing waste-free school lunches; lobbying for green building codes; transforming oneself into a “locovore,” eating locally grown food; and remembering not to idle the car when picking up children from school (if one must drive). Here, the small talk is about the volatile compounds emitted by dry-erase markers at school.

What do you do to live more green?