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Ecotot: Lunchopolis

According to Lunchopolis, every kid produces an estimate of 67 lbs. of lunch-box garbage per year. Their solution to eliminate most of that waste is to feed kids consciously with their lead-free lunch boxes.

The $32 insulated bags come in three tones — pink polka dot, lime, and water — and include four reusable containers and a beverage bottle that are all dishwasher safe. The stackable containers made from recyclable materials make for convenient packing and eliminate the chance of a can or bottle squishing a sandwich. While the California-based company will have to be patient in putting an end to all lunch-box waste, they have already answered the age old question of what's the best way to pack a lunch.

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plasticapple plasticapple 9 years
But think about what you'll be saving not having to buy ziplock bags and such all the time. I would love it if more people used things like this! Heck, even using other brands of reusable containers would be great. The kids in my class throw away so much trash at lunchtime. :(
sashak sashak 9 years
wow, $32! Thats alot!
lovebug3 lovebug3 9 years
I'm so excited that you posted the lunch boxes. My son has the blue one. It's totally cool! I found it at Wild Oats before school started.
oceangirl oceangirl 9 years
Love these! will share with our school's green group-planet pals. we are always looking for new products that help make for trashfree lunches. these are adorable! Thanks for sharing lilsugar!
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