edible crayonsKids and messes go hand in hand, especially when there's markers involved. . . how can one purple marker end up in so places?!

I love the artistic creations kids whip up when they are armed with markers or crayons, but I can't help get worried when they get all over their hands, their clothes, and especially when they wind up in their mouths. Rather than circle like a helicopter when your kids are engaged in arts and crafts time, why not invest in some edible markers and crayons? Cause you know if they are edible, they can wind up in their mouths and it won't be an issue.

I'm obsessed with these Edible Veggie Crayon Nuggets ($10) because unlike regular crayons — which could contain toxic additives — these crayons are made with organic fruit and vegetable powders. They are also vegan and don't contain wheat or sugar if your little one has any food sensitivities. Choose from green, yellow. orange, red/pink, and purple.


And for markers, there's these Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens ($17) that are especially fun to use to decorate the icing on any baked goods. Just make sure the food is dry and firm, and away you go. Each pen contains only US certified food color, so they are perfectly safe to eat.

Happy coloring!