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JacquieBrown1389456641 JacquieBrown1389456641 2 years

All well and good if your child is 4 and under. Now my son watches show The Day My Butt Went Psycho. Lol

KellyPetrell KellyPetrell 2 years

I think bubble guppies is pretty educational, too. My two year old learned words, problem solving, emotions, the names of animals, and she can count all from watching her favorite show! (With a little help from me, too)

CrystalKirkus CrystalKirkus 2 years

The magic school bus and the wild Kratts are the most educational shows we have ever found! My 6yo tells me all about brand new things every day it's amazing!

Anamika15353711 Anamika15353711 3 years

Zeeq Kids shows are best for the age group of 3 to 14 years of kids . They have good good education series of the programs .

Dionne30063 Dionne30063 3 years
JeniHeneghan not sure if its different for different countries but in the UK Dinosaur train is on Nick Jr. But i am also surprised that Team Umizoomi didn't make the list but you can't have all the educational shows listed has to end somewhere i guess. My son loves all of these. he already understands so much about different things because of these TV shows and others. Its hard to just sit down with your child and try and explain and teach them things without a visual aid and a lot of these shows help to provide the visual aid they need to go with counting and colours and with out them even realising they are learning. My son has learnt a lot of his colours and more awareness of the world, he recognizes different species of sea creatures and dinosaurs better than I could of taught him. I think educational TV shows such as these can be great learning tools especially with mum/dad/whoever talking about them and what they have seen.
AmberSheehan AmberSheehan 3 years
I was not surprised to see all these shows on here. They are all great. However, I was surprised that Team Umizoomi didn't make it. My son has learned a ton from that show. Anyhow, great post. Loved seeing what I thought about theses shows was in fact true :) Thanks for posting.
JeniHeneghan JeniHeneghan 3 years
I'm not surprised that most of these shows are from PBS, nor am I surprised that there are no Nickelodeon shows on the list. My kids never liked Nick shows (except for Oobi and the Upside Down Show). My 10 year old daughter even said it felt like the show was "sucking the smart out" when I asked her why she'd never liked Dora. PBS, on the other hand, still makes the occasional appearance. My 7 year old son still enjoys watching Sid the Science Kid, although both now mainly prefer Ruff Ruffman and the math show with Motherboard and the Hacker (can't remember the name).
Hillary558 Hillary558 3 years
I agree Carole. I was really surprised that Team Umizoomi wasn't on the list. My 2-year-old loves that show.
Hillary558 Hillary558 3 years
CaroleJohnston CaroleJohnston 3 years
One great shows was left off this list, Team Umizoomi is a favorite in our house. The kids learn about numbers, patterns, colour, measurements and shapes. My 3 yr old loves all the characters...we even had a "Geo" pumpkin this year!
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