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Moms love their kids but that doesn't mean they don't miss privacy in certain circumstances. The other day we put a wish list together of 10 things we'd love to do alone again and LilSugar mamas chimed in. Here are their simple dreams for solo time!

Girl Jen said:

To put on makeup without having to worry about a two-year-old experimenting with the long-wear lipstick or the eye pencils.

To get in the car without having to play the "I got Mom's seatbelt!" game, even once.

To clean the living room without tripping over toy emergency vehicles because said two-year-old took Mom seriously when Mom said the living room was a HAZMAT scene.

amandachalynn said:

Mine is simple. I just want to get dressed without the kid bursting in. I might have to start locking the door, because yesterday when he did it I was facing the closet and he says 'Mom why are you're underwear up your butt? Are they broken?' When they start asking questions, it's time to put up the boundaries.

To see what else readers had to say,


boogs mom said:

To eat a meal that is still hot, instead of having to get up 40 millions times for things (drink, napkins, new fork because "mine fell on the floor!".

To read a book with out having to try and explain every little thing about it or feel guilty about not reading "read this to your kids and they will become independent geniuses" instead.

To sit on the computer without having little fingers poke at the keys while you read/type.

Walk past the cereal/frozen foods isle without hearing "mmmmmooooooommmmmm can we.....".

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