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Junior Jetset: Eight Tips For Putting Kids to Sleep in the Car

There's nothing like a long car ride home from holiday festivities to tire out your mini me. Tuck your child into his car seat for a restful journey back to your abode. Here are some tips on putting tots and babes to bed while you drive.

  1. Have warmed bottles or cold sippy cups full of milk in a hot or chilled bag. For older children a supply of bottled water or canteens on hand.
  2. Keep a stash of ziplocked snacks to fill rumbling tummies — string cheese, granola bars, sliced apples, cracker packs and yogurt tubes.
  3. Change your lil guy's diaper just prior to hitting the road.
  4. Dress your tot in warm, comfortable pajamas (footed jammies keep their toes wrapped as well).

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  1. Buckle babe in his car seat before spreading a blankie over him.
  2. Invest in a neck pillow so his head doesn't bounce with road bumps.
  3. Bring his favorite bedtime books to read aloud and keep with the normal routine.
  4. Toss a couple of classical CDs in the disc player to lull your wee one to sleep.
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macgirl macgirl 8 years
He's got the sweetest little face and chubby cheeks. I don't think I would do that pillow but I would find ways to keep his little head from flopping around. He doesn't sleep much in the car now but when he did the floppy head freaked me out. Can't wait for him to face forward in two months!
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Same here, katedavis, although I was told not to worry too much. We did an extra head support on the sides because with the pillow they'd just end up with their mouth or nose against it and that freaked me out even more. We do things like the comfy clothes, diaper change, and a feeding just before we go with the baby. The boys, we want to stay awake so they'll go to bed when we get home, so those are the times we utilize our DVD player.
katedavis katedavis 8 years
That neck pillow looks really scary- but when my son was a baby and he would fall asleep in the car his head would flop forward in the car seat. I mentioned it to my doctor and her solution was that I shouldn't drive so far so his neck wasn't like that for a long period of time. Since that wasn't really an option this pillow would have been a great solution (but it still looks a little scary). :)
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