There's nothing like a long car ride home from holiday festivities to tire out your mini me. Tuck your child into his car seat for a restful journey back to your abode. Here are some tips on putting tots and babes to bed while you drive.

  1. Have warmed bottles or cold sippy cups full of milk in a hot or chilled bag. For older children a supply of bottled water or canteens on hand.
  2. Keep a stash of ziplocked snacks to fill rumbling tummies — string cheese, granola bars, sliced apples, cracker packs and yogurt tubes.
  3. Change your lil guy's diaper just prior to hitting the road.
  4. Dress your tot in warm, comfortable pajamas (footed jammies keep their toes wrapped as well).

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  1. Buckle babe in his car seat before spreading a blankie over him.
  2. Invest in a neck pillow so his head doesn't bounce with road bumps.
  3. Bring his favorite bedtime books to read aloud and keep with the normal routine.
  4. Toss a couple of classical CDs in the disc player to lull your wee one to sleep.