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Moms-to-Be May Hold the Cure For Nut Allergies

Moms can't bake for a class party without being warned about one — if not multiple — food allergies. In the last 14 years, food allergies among children have increased by 50 percent, and the occurrence of the most common culprits, peanuts and tree nuts, has more than tripled. While doctors have yet to discover a magic cure, new research has them one step closer.

A recent study suggests that children born to women who eat nuts five times or more per week during their pregnancy have a lower risk of developing an allergy to these foods. The results of the study, which compared the medical data of over 8,000 children across the US, could change the diet of moms-to-be, who were previously told by the American Academy of Pediatrics to avoid nuts during their nine months.

To get specifics on the study, read the full story on Huffington Post.

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RominaMcWilliams RominaMcWilliams 3 years
I ate hazelnuts and almonds all the time during my pregnancy and my son is allergic to all nuts except almonds and hazelnuts. I guess it can help, whether it's an absolute cure, I doubt it, but it's definitely worth a shot to eat nuts when you are pregnant
TracyYoung TracyYoung 3 years
I ate toast with peanut butter and jam mostly everyday throughout my pregnancy. I also put cashews on my cereal in the morning and regularly ate pistachios as a snack. My son is severely allergic to peanuts, cashews & pistachios. We've known since he was 15 months old. He's nine now.
LizabethOBrien LizabethOBrien 3 years
I ate nuts throughout my first pregnancy. My first born has outgrown a bunch of food allergies, but will probably have the severe nut allergies (along with others) for the rest of his life. After he was born, I had heard the opposite - avoid nuts while pregnant and your child won't have a nut allergy. I avoided it throughout my next two pregnancies and neither of them have any food allergies that we know of. Odd.
kerriemanning kerriemanning 3 years
I'm so Pleased that I ate nuts while pregnant even if it was by accident.
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