Wardrobe malfunction alert! Digital cameras and smartphones make it easy to take photos of newborn babies but their casual usage can also cause a mishap that could have Hugh Hefner knocking on mama's door. On her return to The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck dished on her lil man and revealed an embarrassing moment of her own: she took a photo of Isaiah and sent it around only to realize much later that her nipple was included in the frame. Eek! And if you think that's bad, one of my friends took a picture of her sweet pea but didn't realize her naked body was in the background. Thanks to a mirror in the room, the sleep deprived mother sent out a full frontal nude shot that made its way through her email address book with her sweet boy smiling in the forefront. So before mommy clicks away, she better make sure the porn police won't have reason to come after her!

Video courtesy of ABC