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Colin Farrell's F-Bomb Onesie, Parenthood Changes Everyone?

Does having a child make every mom and dad a chameleon? Yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres gave Colin Farrell a thoughtful gift for his baby when he was a guest on her show. The comedian handed the actor a onesie with "My daddy F#@%&$ rocks!" printed on it. The item was a fitting present for the father who is fond of f-bombs and four letter words despite his dad status. Colin seems to have stayed true to himself while parenting sons — James, 6, and Henry, 7 months. But, this example begs the question — do we just assume men and women will change once baby arrives?

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FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I think what they really mean is if your personality has changed at all since becoming a parent. Of course there are obvious changes to your life when you have a child -- the huge responsibility of it, the unconditional love you feel for your child (whether it grows on you or you feel it right at the time of birth), etc. etc. But I don't think that everyone has a drastic personality change. I was never one to swear at all before my daughter was born -- so it wasn't like I needed to tone that down. My FDH on the other hand...he has had to continually watch his mouth around her! But really, we are the same people, with the same interests and activities as before....we just have a new little life to share those things with. Being a parent doesn't need to consume your whole can still be YOU and be an amazing parent to your child.
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