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Embarrassed to Buy a Pregnancy Test?

Are You Shy About Buying Pregnancy Tests?

I don't know if you watch the highly addictive and ridiculously snooty show Gossip Girl, but last night's episode touched on the teen-pregnancy hot topic (Jamie Lynn Spears anyone?)

With a baby in tow, I've definitely lost my fear of walking up to the counter with a pregnancy test but before a child entered my life, I was a nervous wreck — even with a ring on my finger! As a teenage high schooler, I probably would have puked all over the counter from a bad case of nerves.

Do you get nervous buying tests?

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Cakes13 Cakes13 8 years
Serena is only 17 and yes she should be mature enough to buy pregnancy tests if she can have sex. The pregnancy tests weren't for her and she wouldn't want people to think she was pregnant. And everyone takes pictures of things and sends them to gossip girl so it isn't safe for her.
ranianed ranianed 9 years
Sadly i one time drove far from home to buy one because i didnt want to run into someone i knew with one in my hand or in my pile -- isnt that sad and pathetic? well i was 1)young 2) thought people cared 3) though they were actually looked at what i was buying & 4) cared that they thought. oh to be 21 again.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
If I get too stressed, sometimes my body gets out of wack and I am reassured by a pregnancy test. At the grocery store by my house, they are now kept behind the counter!!! You have to ask for them, which I think is pretty obsurd. It isn't like you can make meth out of a pregnancy test. I think that is very bad, especially for young girls. We shouldn't try and shame them out of the medical needs.
merie33 merie33 9 years
It's a little nerve-wracking for me...I live in a TINY TINY town where everyone knows EVERYONE and everyone TALKS about everyone...I don't need anyone asking my mom or my boyfriends mom about it!!! I'm sure I'll have no problem though when I'm a little bit older, and all the nosy people around here won't have anything to say about it...
Jessie-M Jessie-M 9 years
I've never had a problem buying condoms or pregnancy tests since I first started needing them -16- I'm in the mindset of if you're old enough to do it, you're old enought to buy it! I don't give a crap who sees. What can they say??I'm a bad person for being responsible/keeping myself informed of my body's goings-on? Boo @ people who look down on others!
Carri Carri 9 years
I'm 29 and married, so I couldn't care less who sees me! LOL
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
I don't get embaraased buying them - just worried if someone who I wouldn't want to know would see me buying one. My husband has bought them for me at times depending on who is going to the store that day.
lala788 lala788 9 years
i think that i will be more nervous to see if i'm pregnant or not , to be nervous about buying one
redbone29150 redbone29150 9 years
I was a nervous wreck about buying one when I was in high school. I made my boyfriend buy two for me. Later I found out that since he worked at the grocery store, he stole them. Great I almost crapped my pants think I was going to be pregnant and in jail. I haven't needed a test since then.
jmast jmast 9 years
Oh and my hubby has no fear at all loading up our shopping basket with the Dollar store pregnancy's so funny! Last month he threw about 20 in the basket and I'm like "what are you doing?" He's like "what? they're $1 each!!!!!!!!! You can pee on them all you want" He wants me to keep the digitals for when I'm really sure. Too funny.
jmast jmast 9 years
Not at all. I'm trying to conceive, there is stress enough with a two week wait, I'm not stressing about buying HPTs. Although, I guess I look young (I'm 34) because I always get weird looks and raised eyebrows. Whatever.
Lambsauce Lambsauce 9 years
I have a bit of a fun story. :) (In retrospect, of course.) Now, I am a teenager still (18), and just this past summer my boyfriend and I had a pregnancy scare. I was totally embarrassed by having to buy a test. Especially since I live in an area where everyone knows me--rather, everyone knows my mother. Also there's the fact that I look much younger than my age. So my wonderful boyfriend bought the test for me. We got it at Wal-Mart, and he tossed out the receipt after making the purchase. Well, boyfriend has a bit of a tendency to set off store alarms--it happens pretty much everywhere he goes, no clue why. You can guess what happened next. I have never been so mortified in my life!! (By the way, the test ended up being inconclusive, after all that! But period showed up about a week after that anyway. Whew. :))
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I never had to buy them when I was young enough to be embarassed about it. Now when I buy them it's with hope not embarassement. Did you know that pregnancy tests and condoms are the most frequenly shopliffed items? Young people get embarassed and don't want to actually be seen buying them.
kphmitten kphmitten 9 years
I've never had to buy one before (thank goodness) but I know I'd be a nervous, completely stress wreck. I know a few stores who lock up the pregnancy tests/condoms - we asked and they said it was because they're stolen a lot since they are easy to hide and people get scared to go to the counter.
nancita nancita 9 years
I don't have kids, but I find that the older I get, the harder it is to embarrass me. I've had to buy and do way more embarrassing things in the name of health.
SussLW SussLW 9 years
I've only ever bought them online (with about to expire FSA dollars) but would not be embarrassed now. In high school I'd be mortified, in college maybe a little red-faced, post college/pre-engagement probably just nervous. Now, however (married and 29), I did cover them in my bathroom cabinet when my parents visited.
sweetnshy5282 sweetnshy5282 9 years time my friend bought the cheap one over the more expensive brand and it read negative. a month later at a regular checkup the doctor told her she was pregnant. it was a bit of a surprise!
sweetnshy5282 sweetnshy5282 9 years
it doesn't bother me too much. although one time I was late and my daughter was only a couple months old. I was a litle wary walking into a store where I knew everyone and they knew me (and my very young daughter). so my friend went in for me. and as she was getting out of the car she said "It's better for me to go in for you because my situation is DIFFERENT than yours (meaning she was married and i am not) and people would actually be happy if it were for me !" she can be so stuck-up, sometimes.
indielove indielove 9 years
I wouldn't be...
thatgirljj thatgirljj 9 years
If you're old enough and mature enough to have sex, you should be old enough and mature enough to buy a pregnancy test without blushing!
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
I've had to buy them twice....and both times I was in total denial....I was in a the nerves didn't come into play at all. Thankfully they were negative :) not ready for that yet!
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
I buy mine online in bulk...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
no way....not as embarassed if I ended up pregnant at my age
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