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You Know You're a Mother When: Undies on the Run

I've suffered through embarrassing "mom"ents where I run out of the house with my dress unzipped and makeup partially applied. I've taken the trash out in my robe and walked around my place bare chested with the nursing pillow around my waist not minding my neighbors. While none of these instances are limited to mothers, I find more moms identify with the harried stories than our childless counterparts. And for good reason — moms are often in a rush.

Scrambling to get my tots out the door for a trip to a carnival, I threw on a pair of jeans and flats at the last minute. Once we arrived at the fair, I got my wee ones situated in their stroller and began pushing. With every step, I felt something inching down my leg. Fearful of what I suspected it might be, I asked my friend to stop so I could check my pants. A quick reach down the back of my jeans and up came a pair of undies. Thankfully they were thin intimates. I quickly threw the ball of lace in the side pocket of my diaper bag and kept walking without missing a beat. She was none the wiser and the lump in the back of my knees was miraculously gone.

What's your most harried "mom"ent?

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