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Lil Community: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That Shopping With Kids Can Lead to Full Frontal Nudity?

Motherhood is full of surprises! MishL shared her most embarrassing moment in the Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me group in the LilSugar Community.

How was I supposed to know? I went shopping with my two girls. They were both being very good and by good I mean quiet!

I picked up a few items and had laid them across the top of my double stroller when a very sweet sales girl came over to me and offered to start up a fitting room. She kept checking on me and when it was finally time for me to try on all my possibly new threads, she told me that she had set up my fitting room in the men's section so that I could have more space with the two girls!  "You are so sweet!", I said. I strolled over to men's fitting room and quickly see a very narrow opening and realize I'm going to have to take my very quiet gremlins out of the stroller. I took them out and went into my very large fitting room where all hell broke loose!


At first it was cute, they posed in front of the mirror, blew kisses at themselves then they began running around me, through my legs and finally as I was going to grab my 3-year-old from opening the curtain, my 2-year-old had already opened the curtain to sing, "Good Morning Baltimore." There I was completely topless with all my motherhood goodness hanging out for all the thankfully not straight men to see.  

College spring break, countless bachelorette parties, and wild nights in New York. I had never in my life had a full Monty experience. Needless to say, I did not buy a thing, and on a very cold New York City day, I felt my body burning from the inside out from the total and utter humiliation!

We want to hear your shocking, funny, embarrassing, and insightful pregnancy and motherhood stories. Create a post and tell us all about it in our Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me? group.

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