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Emily Henderson's Design Tips For Kids Rooms

HGTV Star Emily Henderson's Kid-Room Design Tips

"Yes, trucks and cars can be styled to be objects on a shelf. Do it! The shelf is timeless, the chair is great for all kids' spaces, but all the accessories bring in the child's personality," Emily says. "Show restraint with the furniture, but go nuts with the accessories by styling it all playful.

"The lucite box full of vintage toy planes is just that: a lucite box with vintage planes in it. I got them for $40 at an antique store and I wanted to put them under a glass dome, but you can't put glass domes on shelves in kids' rooms. They'll pull them off the shelf, break the glass into shards of glass, tear open their tiny nimble fingers playing with said glass and then, gasp, get blood all over the textiles as they are feeling their way towards a Band-Aid. I shudder to think of the damage to the fabric.

"Instead I bought this acrylic display box from The Container Store and threw them all in there. I told Graham he could certainly take them out and play with them, but he said, 'No, I want them just for design,' and tears of joy, love, and mostly pride came to my eyes."

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