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Nursery Schools Enlist the Help of Mental Health Experts

Call it the preschool diaries. When one tot acts out at nursery school because his family recently moved, the whole class can be affected. The Wall Street Journal recently found that behavioral problems among young children have grown beyond the usual stubbornness that typically characterizes the preschool set. With more educators recognizing emotional issues in the youngest school children, some nursery schools and day care centers are enlisting the ongoing help of mental health professionals to provide insight and support to staff members. The behavioral experts help the teachers and school staff maintain order in the classroom and teach the students to modify their actions before they become routine. Do you support this practice?

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Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
Well, the Pre-K I worked at in MD had a mental health professional...not just to help the teachers in relations to the kids who were having an emotionally rough time, but to help the kids as well. So, say in one class there were 5 kids who were not doing well and acting out because of divorce or because of death, the person would spend an entire day interacting with one of those children per day, and using gathered information for evaluations, and keeping tabs. They were extremely helpful, because sometimes you do need someone who is more skilled in that area, so you know how to adjust what you do with that individual accordingly.
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