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Enjoying Pregnancy

Did You Love Being Pregnant?

A pregnant friend of mine recently declared, "People who say they love pregnancy are so full of it!" I had to laugh and tell her she was dead wrong, because I was one of the lucky ones who really did love the expectant state. Of course I missed out on morning sickness, which makes the first trimester more delightful than imagined. The trip down baby bump lane was also made easier by the fact that I don't care much for alcohol and gave myself permission to eat whatever my baby-growing heart desired. Though what I loved most of all were the magical kicks and flips. I consider myself fortunate that I have only fond memories of my nine months with each of my children. What was your experience?

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Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
I couldn't pick either. I WAS enjoying it, and it was alright last time, but now I am just scared of dying. I am 30 weeks and swine flu is killing pregnant women left and right. I cry all day and sometimes wonder if I should have just gotten an abortion,although I never could have gone through with it. I am terrified and don't want to die.
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
I can't chose either option because I didn't love it but I did enjoy some moments. I mean, there were times where my back hurt, I was having hot flashes, I was peeing all the time, etc. and other times where my baby was moving and kicking and I was in love.
Niami Niami 8 years
I love being pregnant, despite the anemia and insulin shots, it feels great to be carrying a life inside of me. It also lets me relax about body image issues. I'm supposed to have a tummy now! I do wish it were easier to shave my legs during the third trimester. Thank goodness for all the yoga and pilates I did pre-pregnancy, else I wouldn't be able to shave them at all! O.o
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I had what they called "uneventful pregnancies" both times. That is such a horrible description as I had babies which was eventful in my eyes. With my first one I had this time every morning from 7 months on that was amazing. He would kick me in my right side, I pushed on his (very obvious) foot and then he would kick back. It was very sweet. I missed it after he was born. The second one I was more nauseous the entire time but still not a big deal. I had many friends that had such horrible pregnancies which made me feel guilty at times.
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
I really loved being pregnant the first time, but my symptoms were so light. I didn't have morning sickness, heartburn, or any aches and pains until the last stretch with my back. My worst issue was that any sort of heat made me pass out. Even a hot plate at a resturant would be enough for me to start getting tunnel vision. I was working in a huge building that refused to fix its 2nd air conditoner so it was CONSTANTLY hot. I ended up having to quit around 8 months because i passed out there. My cravings were for things like giant plates of vegetables and baked potatos, nothing ridiculous or fattening, and everything tasted like heaven. All in all, the actual pregnancy was great. I loved growing, feeling the baby, and being pregnant. I had so much fun shopping and going at it once we found out the gender. This pregnancy.. not so much. I'm around 12 weeks along and have had violent morning sickness 24/7, heartburn up the wazoo, every digestive tract issue you could think of, an old tailbone injury is resurfacing, and i'm on light activity because of some unexplained bleeding. Everything is perfect, looks perfect, measures perfect, they really have no idea what it is, but it basically dooms me to sitting in a recliner and doing the bare minimum as far as activity goes, not that the morning sickness has really allowed for much, but the few times i feel good I hvae to take it really easy. Still, i'm very thankful I'm not on bedrest. If the morning sickness eases soon, I can go back to enjoying myself until the later months when back aches have me miserable. I don't hate it this time, but im defintely not feeling sunshine and roses.
luckyme luckyme 8 years
Although my pregnancies are not effected negatively in a medical way, and I go on to have healthy deliveries, pregnancy is definitely not for me. I love the outcome more than anything in the world and truthfully, I really don't mind delivery, but pregnancy (minus the amazingness of feeling the first movements and watching my belly grow, etc., etc.) blows the big one! I get so incredibly sick (20+ weeks of all day nausea and puking this last time), have terrible heartburn, loathe the aches and pains and miss my sleep desperately. Oh, and don't let me forget to add that I have gone OVERDUE with both pregnancies...and not just by a little, oh no, by like 10 days and 2 weeks. I don't really complain about it often...or really at all...because it makes me feel incredibly ungrateful. I love my daughters more than I can even put into words, but if I could do like 1 or 2 months of pregnancy instead of 9 (10, really), I would be a very happy camper.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
My first pregnancy wasn't too bad symptom-wise, but I was a nervous wreck every single day that something was wrong. I really wish I could have enjoyed it more. This pregnancy is VERY early (I'm not quite 6 weeks), but I'm already feeling queasy, which is no fun. Of course that means that everything is probably ok, but I'm sure I won't relax until much later. But I'm really hoping to enjoy the experience more in general and trying to be more laid back.
nicole121482 nicole121482 8 years
I never had morning sickness or any other complication but I did not enjoy being pregnant at all! Of course mine was a surprise pregnancy with an uncertain future at the time, but everything worked out fine in the end...and it's 7 years later The ONLY good thing about being pregnant was feeling the baby kick and move inside...everything else stunk:(
ElleJay ElleJay 8 years
I'm 28 weeks along right now and I would say I probably love the attention that comes along with being pregnant more than anything.
kiteacakes kiteacakes 8 years
Right now I hate it. My moods change fast enough to give me whiplash, and while I don't have the barfy kind of morning sickness, I am quite queasy most of the time and obscenely tired. I'm probably only 7 weeks along and all I can think about is how much longer I have left to go. :(
Moms Moms 8 years
I love being pregnant, but at the end (like I am right now) — I'm ready to meet my baby.
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