While I can appreciate adult only weddings, I do get a kick out of a sweet flower girl tossing petals and a dapper ring bearer scooting down the aisle. If the engaged couple wants to include tots in their nuptial festivities, there are a few things they can do to keep the babes blissful and enjoying the blessed event.

Try these tips to keep kiddos content:

  • Instead of setting the kiddie table with pristine linens, cover the top with butcher paper and place cups full of crayons on the table. The tots can doodle away whilst the adults toast to the newlyweds.
  • Bring bottles of bubbles so youngsters can blow spheres till their hearts content.
  • If it's an outdoor wedding, set out a bucket of chalk so the mini artists can create a work of art or hopscotch game on the sidewalks.

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  • In addition to the butcher paper, supply the babes with coloring and activity books.
  • Arm them with loads of books, puzzles and cards.
  • Stickers can go a long way — adhering them to hands or creating a picture with them.
  • Set out small pots of playdough for aspiring sculptors!

Keeping within a budget, the engaged couple may ask their mommy friends to help pitch in books, games, and other supplies to lighten the load. And if money is not a concern, hire a sitter to watch the munchkins. I've been to some affairs where a separate tent was set up entirely for wee ones and caretakers. It was a pleasure filled paradise for the tots and it allowed mom and pop to dance the night away while stepping away for the occasional check-in.