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Entire Staff Removed from School After Abuse

Entire Staff Removed from School After Abuse

Would you continue to send your child to school after teachers there were arrested for sexually abusing their students?

A Los Angeles public school district superintendent named John Deasy assumes you wouldn't want to. After not one but two teachers were arrested for this kind of abuse at one of the schools he oversees, Miramonte Elementary, Deasy has replaced the entire staff for the remainder of the current term.

Everyone who works at the school, from the principal all the way through the cafeteria staff, will be removed as officials look into the extent of the abuse and offer counseling to everyone affected by the abuse. The staff will continue to be paid during the investigation, according to Deasy. "The last thing I'm worried about is a budget issue. The No. 1 thing I'm worried about is the students."


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Have you ever felt like you couldn't trust one of your child's teachers or caregivers? 

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MaryWeber47879 MaryWeber47879 5 years
Congratulations on Mr. Deasy for pulling all staff, but I don't agree on them getting paid. That would like rewarding them for 1. being possibly guilty 2. abusing children, and 3. paying them for not teaching. I just hope that the children are ok and will get the proper education that they deserve and to feel accepted by their educational needs. As a parent I would be furious if any one even thought about touching one of my children.
LillianRamos LillianRamos 5 years
Outrageous! A bold and courages move by Mr Deasy, I hope not many more of the staff are involved. And for the children affected by these predators, I hope they are comforted and given all the support they need. Unfortunately no one wins in these types of situations because even though innocent staff are on paid leave they will find it hard to get a job within their education system because of the stigma of coming from a school rife with this kind of abuse. The children suffer the most for they have had their innocence taken from them. Hope the investigation all goes well and justice be done for it.
LisaWickham52147 LisaWickham52147 5 years
My heart is pounding and my eyes are watering as I read this article because it brings back so many memories of disbelief that school personel could do such a thing to a, in my case, 6yr old. Mr Deasy you are these kids heroes! You stopped this from going any further or other kids being affected by these animals. Yes there may be some innocent people involved, and I'm sorry for the loss of your job (if you are innocence) but lets weigh out the importance here.Like Mr. Deasy said the #1 thing should be the children. Mr Deasy I just wish you were the superintendent to the Sheppard Hill Elementy School in Plainfield Ct.when my son attended a few years ago. Just maybe things would be different today. Parents of these children: Be thankful you have someone standing behind you the way he is. Our superintentdent disappeared. Oh so did the principle, head teacher of the special ed program, social worker of the program, huh but DCF found them unsubstantiated, even tho I had his one-on-one that was by his side every day, and saw EVERY THING, tell and write the whole story to DCF, They didnt see anything wrong with withholding food and drinks from a 6yr old,that meds in the am. Putting him in a refrigerator size closet for "Time Out", which had a door on it with a small window they would put black construckion paper on it so the kids coulded see out and it was dark inside. They were so called "restraining" him with 5, 6, I believe one time there was reported 7 adults restraining a 42lb child! I have this all in their writing! DCF this is ok? It is ok to put him in a closet with the door shut? Withhold food because of behavior? Oh I forgot to add I adopted this child from DCF. So I guess I just wanted to share just a little of my story because I NEVER thought when you put your child on the bus in the morning you need to worry about what is going on in school. I do every day! Folks get to know your childs teachers, ask your child (special ed or not) questions. Know their schedules. Know the people that are working with them. This is stuff I DID NOT KNOW OR DO before our experience. Best of luck to all of the families involved.To the superintendent: Keep up the great work! Someone has to be the voice for these kids. Thank - You so much for standing up and doing what was right!
LorraineBilotti LorraineBilotti 5 years
Mr. Deasy congratulations on your bold move. I agree with the other parent that someone knew what was happening. For those other teachers that did not speak up SHAME on you. At least Mr. Deasy thought of the children 1st for once.
AngelaMacKenzie3349 AngelaMacKenzie3349 5 years
As a mother and having worked in the school system, I feel that this was a drastic move, but a necessary one. I would have no issues whatsoever being transferred to a different school during an investigation like this. The students and parents need to feel safe an assured that the environment that they are leaving their children in is a safe one. If the other teachers have nothing to hide and have had no idea, then they should have no issue with it either. They will still be paid, they will still have a job, and any student or parents who will have them in the future will have the peace of mind knowing that the teachers who have been 'cleared' are safe and trustworthy teachers. It is unfortunate that situations like this happen, but like I said if you are in a position of trust, you would hopefully understand why it is important to make such a drastic move to ensure the peace of mind for all involved.
NikkiOlandese NikkiOlandese 5 years
I'm really surprised at some of the comments here. The teachers were NOT fired. The article CLEARLY states that the teachers were removed, with pay, while an investigation is to be conducted. I think that is the best way to do it. That way IF there is any other staff that have been involved, they cannot threaten the children to not tell or worse, continue abusing the children! The innocent teachers and staff will be returned once the investigation is over. What is so unconstitutional or illegal about that? Aren't police officers removed from duty during an investigation then later reinstated? I don't hear anyone crying foul about that!
gailannkent gailannkent 5 years
hate that children get no rites, teachers drink what they like at school, but my daughter is forced 2 drink water which she hates! when i complain they give me nothin but cock & bull
BrendaTurner BrendaTurner 5 years
I'm amazed at how many people care more about the teachers and their rights. What about the students? It wasn't just one teacher one time. It was TWO TEACHERS OVER A PERIOD OF YEARS! Who cares about the other staff? You can't tell me every single teacher didnt know what was going on. Someone HAD to know and should be fired and charged for not protecting those children! Mr Deasy has the students' best interests at heart instead of the teachers. Oh wow, what a horrible thing to do. Really? And the other teachers aren't being fired! They're being transferred until the investigation is complete. Paid to avoid civil rights lawsuits? They're rights aren't being violated AND what about those kids' rights to a safe school environment?
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