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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Itchy Epidural

When my OB/GYN asked me what my birthing plan was I looked at her like a lost dog. I wanted to say, "Well, if you mean pushing the baby out, that's it."

She saw my confusion and said, "Do you plan on having a natural birth, bath birth or drugs?" I quickly replied, "Drugs please!"

When I checked into the hospital, the nurse told me I could get the epidural at any point so I got it right away.

To see how the epidural surprised me,


As I rested in the hospital bed numb to my contractions, I began to experience a different sort of discomfort. Instead of feeling the gut wrenching labor pains, I suddenly felt the urge to scratch my arms. I looked around the room for mosquitoes or some other pest that might have bitten me.

As the minutes passed, the itchiness increased and both arms soon felt the torturous nagging. It quickly became evident that the epidural canceled the lower pain, but caused irritation in my upper limbs.

The best remedy for the situation was a cold wet washcloth.

Did your epidural make you itch?

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