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The Era of "Non-Worry": Shocking Proof That It Used to Be Easier to Parent

The Era of "Non-Worry": Shocking Proof That It Used to Be Easier to Parent

The Era of "Non-Worry": Shocking Proof That It Used to Be Easier to Parent

Was it easier to be a mom in the 1950's? The Huffington Post has made the case that moms of that era were a lot less vigilant that we are today. They flipped through a vintage issue of Parents magazine, circa 1952. What surprised them most was not the articles, but the ad pages. As they put it, the ads depict "an era of non-worry. A time when June Cleaver and Carol Brady solved any dilemma in 26 minutes."

Our favorite examples of the era's innocence are an ad for Iver Johnson revolvers that shows children playing with guns in bed, an ad for Marlboro cigarettes that advises us moms to light up as a way to chill out before scolding our kids, and one for 7UP that brags about (and shows) a baby guzzling soda.

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Would you have preferred being a mom in the 1950's over being one in the 2010's?

Image Source: Via the Huffington Post

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NatalieTrott NatalieTrott 5 years
can't see them :(
JennaKing26603 JennaKing26603 5 years
I didn't find them all that offensive or crazy, just different. We're certainly no strangers these days to crazy or offensive ads. I really can't stand the commercials where they have talking babies who are really grown-ups inside babies, doing things grown-ups would do. I don't find these ads any less obnoxious than those.
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