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Europe Considering Ban On Learning Baby's Gender Before Birth

Europe Considering Ban On Learning Baby's Gender Before Birth

Europe Considering Ban On Learning Baby's Gender Before Birth

Did you know your baby's gender before birth? For expectant parents in Europe that opportunity may come to an end. A draft resolution has been proposed to prevent hospitals from informing parents-to-be of the gender of their unborn child, in an attempt to prevent 'selective abortion' of fetuses (which are most often female). 

The practice of gender selection has become a concern in Armenia, Albania and Georgia, but the ban would apply to all 47 member states. This potential blanket ban on gender identification has many doctors and parents upset and concerned. 

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Do you think it's a reasonable practice to prevent parents from learning their child's gender? 

Image Source: via The Telegraph

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jannatilbrook jannatilbrook 5 years
I think if you can seriously "abort" a pregnancy just to have a "different" child then why are you aloud to have kids at all? I have 2 children and I have been pregnant 5 times- losing a pregnancy was unbelievably hard I can't imagine doing it voluntarily. My hubby and I always said if there was ever something SERIOUSLY wrong with the baby medically, only then we might consider abortion, but it would have to be pretty bad and been then I probably couldn't do it.
BeatriceLeGrand BeatriceLeGrand 5 years
I didn't realize knowing the gender of your baby had that many implications... :/
LauraKockelkorn LauraKockelkorn 5 years
It's hilarious that I LIVE IN EUROPE and have not heard of this nonsense.
LauraKockelkorn LauraKockelkorn 5 years
It'll never happen.
RitaLaranjeira RitaLaranjeira 5 years
I didn't knew the gender of my first Child. I wanted a surprise. I knew the gender of the second just because. I don't think that it is an importante issue, it's much more important to know if the baby is going well. Some parents even before they ask if the baby is healthy they whant to know the baby gender.
KellyRussell33945 KellyRussell33945 5 years
How about we just end abortion. Really? Finding out the sex of your baby should be banned but hey if you want to kill it that's okay? What a warped world we live in. If they don't care if you kill your baby then why do they care for what reasons you choose to do it?!!!
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