Breast, bottle, or both? New moms are faced with a barrage of questions immediately following their lil one's birth, but few receive as much attention as how they will feed their wee one. While doctors and lactation consultants praise the benefits of breastfeeding, some mamas just cannot fathom putting their newborns to their breast. Rather than turn to formula, a growing number of women is relying exclusively on their breast pumps to nourish their tots.

Though there are no statistics to quantify the growing number of bottled breast milk-fed babies, anecdotal evidence suggests that many women choose to rely on the pump due to early latching issues, uneasiness with the concept of nursing and discomfort with potential public feeding sessions. Though the babies receive all of the health benefits of breastmilk (and allow moms to see just how much their wee ones are ingesting), experts worry that mums will not reap the benefits that a nursing mom sees.

Did you exclusively pump for your child?