Call me old fashioned or what you will, but I rather enjoy the birthday parties with pin the tail on the donkey, sheet cakes, balloons, and cellophane wrapped party favors.

To see what some mothers are spending on their tot's celebrations,


While birthday festivities should focus on the child being celebrated, the trend of outlandish bashes seems to do just the opposite.

Instead of highlighting the five–year–old, crazed mothers spend oodles of money to enter the "look at me" competition amongst the mommy clan.

Over the Top Productions is a company that encourages this behavior by planning extravagant fetes for lil ones. Some parties cost parents up to $10,000. I'd rather put that into a savings account for my wee one.

When I heard that Moses Martin had a fiesta at a Mexican restaurant in NYC, I was proud of Gwyneth and Chris for providing their son with some sort of normalcy in a not–so–normal life.

But then I heard that Suri Cruise had a $5,000 birthday cake for her second birthday (pictured above). Now really, can you honestly tell me that Suri prefers fondant to butter cream frosting? I think not. But amongst her pals, Katie Holmes might get "Mommy of the Year" for her billable efforts.

Would you ever spend a lavish amount on a birthday party for your child?

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