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Will You Watch The Face of Courage: Kids Living With Cancer?

After a long day of taking care of her children, the last thing many moms may choose to do is sit down and watch a show about pediatric cancer patients. But if it's anything like the upcoming Nickelodeon special, The Face of Courage: Kids Living with Cancer (premiering Sunday, Jan. 24, at 8 p.m.) she might change her mind. Though shows about ailing children are not typically at the top of a parent's must-watch list, this spot might be worth tuning in for. It features cancer survivor Linda Ellerbee and seven real children telling their heroic stories of battling cancer from a firsthand perspective. Courageous, cute, funny, and brave youngsters, they share their war stories along with their dreams and expectations. So while the subject of childhood cancer is dreadful, hopefully through their experiences, these lil warriors will bring hope and a smile to many viewers, especially families in the same predicament.

I'll admit the St. Jude's commercials get me choked up, so I'm pretty sure my tissue box won't stand a chance when this hits my tellie. Will you tune in for The Face of Courage: Kids Living With Cancer?

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FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I agree with roarman, I don't think the idea of the show is for entertainment purposes. There are millions of families who are going through what these children and their families are going through. I'm sure it would be helpful, and even a little bit comforting, to know that you're not the only ones dealing with situations like this. Being the softie that I am, I don't think I could watch it. I mean, Extreme Makeover Home Edition makes me cry. So I am 100% certain that I will need a full tissue box at my disposal!
Roarman Roarman 7 years
Miss Sushi, I don't think the purpose is entertainment. It is awareness and inspiration for others who may be struggling through the same journey. I don't know if this is something I could watch, but if I think of it on the 17th, I may check it out.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
I'm not sure I would be able to watch this show without fearing for my child for the rest of my life. I think that if you and your family have gone through something like this, the show could be inspirational, but for me it would be too hard to watch.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
No.. and I don't really agree with this kind of show. Putting kids who are extremely ill on for entertainment..? no thanks.
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