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Facebook Photo Used as Hospital Fundraiser

Dad Turns Daughter's Facebook Photo Into Fundraising Mechanism

When Sean Murphy came across a photo of his daughter on a Facebook spam page, he was shocked, but he decided to do something positive about it. The Illinois dad turned the photo of 22-month-old Serafina after having heart surgery into a fundraiser for the hospital.

According to Murphy, his wife took the original photo, and he uploaded it to Reddit himself because it was a powerful photo. However, this month he found the photo on social content farming site Daily Dot, which posts heartfelt or rage-inducing images to get a rise out of users so they will "like" and comment on their posts and garner advertising. Instead of asking the site administrator to remove the photo, he posted his own comment, asking viewers who "liked" the photo to give money to the hospital that saved his daughter's life.

To find out how much the photo raised for Lurie's Children Hospital, read the whole story on Huffington Post.

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StephanieChampionPrice StephanieChampionPrice 3 years
missnanny. I do believe you never read what you write!! There is no need for you to be nasty to people. And again I believe your post will be removed! Are you even familiar with reddit? He did not post the picture to Facebook someone else did.
AprilONeal AprilONeal 3 years
It's completely ignorant to say they shouldn't have posted the pic without the CHILDS permission!
missnanny missnanny 3 years
Personally, I think the parents were stupid in posting her picture in the first place. How would they feel if someone took a picture of them, without their permission, and used it? It is time for people to realize that you don't have to post everything!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupidity reigns!
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