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Facts About RSV

Do You Know the Facts on RSV?

The snowy and rainy weather makes for a lot of runny noses this time of year. You may know all the differences between a cold and H1N1, but do you know when a cold can be classified as RSV? Take the quiz to see what you know.

Do You Know the Facts on RSV?

What does RSV stand for?

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mhg mhg 7 years
i stand corrected as it was slated as a RSV vaccine, which, upon further research indicates it's not actually a vaccine but rather a preventative medication given like a vaccine. my nephews and niece were given it to prevent was touted as a vaccine.
babysugar babysugar 7 years
Haydee, So glad your girl is okay! And same for your nephews and niece mhg. The CDC says this about Palivizumab: A drug called palivizumab (say "pah-lih-VIH-zu-mahb") is available to prevent severe RSV illness in certain infants and children who are at high risk. The drug can help prevent development of serious RSV disease, but it cannot help cure or treat children already suffering from serious RSV disease and it cannot prevent infection with RSV. If your child is at high risk for severe RSV disease, talk to your healthcare provider to see if palivizumab can be used as a preventive measure. Researchers are working to develop RSV vaccines, but none is available yet. Your nephews and niece probably got it because of their premature births. Glad they are okay.
haydee haydee 7 years
100%! my little girl just recovered from RSV. she's 10 months old. I'm glad we did not need to hospitalize her. This virus is really bad. Everyone at home got infected right after the baby got it. Synagis or Palivizumab is not exactly the RSV vaccine. It may help fight RSV but it is not the vaccine for RSV itself.
mhg mhg 7 years
there is a vaccine for RSV and it's given to preemies! Palivizumab, or Synagis, the RSV vaccine, is given as a monthly shot during the peak RSV season. i have 2 nephews and niece who were micro-preemies and they received this. get your facts straight!
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