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Facts About Space For Kids

Take This Kid Quiz! All About Space Edition

Kids are always asking questions, and sometimes their queries can throw any adult for a loop! Do you know the basics of popular subjects with your tots? We tested you on animals and dinosaurs, and now it's time to see what you know about facts more out of this world. We asked Dr. Renee Weber, a planetary scientist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, to help us answer common questions your lil astronaut may ask you. How does your space knowledge stack up? Take our quiz and see!

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Which planet, besides Earth, has evidence of water?

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Which planet has the most moons?

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What is one major difference between a meteor and a comet?

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Name the planets that have rings.

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Humans have been on Mars.

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Which planet is the smallest?

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Which planet has the shortest year?

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How long is Neptune's year?

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Astronauts can eat regular food in space.

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How many planets have we discovered in our galaxy so far?

Envious-Pixie Envious-Pixie 6 years
What an awesome quiz :)
Heather-Maddan Heather-Maddan 6 years
My son is going to love this!
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