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Mothers are fiercely protective of their young so it's no surprise that Carol Race, mom to 13-year-old Adam who is severely autistic has not backed down from her stance that their local Catholic church in Minnesota is discriminating against him.

The mother of five has regularly attended Sunday mass at St. Patrick's Church with her husband and children for the past 12 years despite recently being slapped with a restraining order for her son's disruptive behavior. Since Adam is over 6 feet tall and 225 pounds, it is difficult to control him.

According to an ABC News story:

"He said that we did not discipline our son. He said that our son was physically out of control and a danger to everyone at church," Carol Race said. "I can't discipline him out of his autism, and I think that's what our priest is expecting."

To see what the church said,


Church officials said they filed the legal papers after exhausting other options, as they were worried about the safety of others. It said:

According to Walz, Adam struck a child during mass, nearly knocks elderly parishioners over when he hastily exits the church, spits and sometimes urinates in church and fights when he is being restrained. He also one time assaulted a girl by pulling her onto his lap and, during Easter mass, ran to the parking lot and got into two vehicles, starting them and revving the engine, Walz alleged.

What is your opinion on the issue?

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