The school bell's ringing, but are there enough teachers to adequately educate your child? That's the question many public school districts face as budget cuts have forced administrators to remove special ed teachers, aides and supplies from our kids' classrooms. The lack of funding has led many PTAs to ask families to contribute money to help maintain the staffing and supply levels that schools have grown accustomed to each year.Tax dollars are the traditional monetary resource for public school systems, but the lagging economy has emptied many municipalities' coffers. It is estimated that states will reduce school funding by $350 billion over the next two years. The recent reliance on school families to pay teacher and aides' salaries is not without controversy. One report said:

Some fear that relying on parents' generosity could leave poor districts even further behind. These districts do not have the well-to-do residents, the big property tax bases or the successful local businesses that wealthier communities have.

How do you feel about financially contributing to your child's public school education?