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Family Adopts 6-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome From China

All This 6-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Has Known Is Life in a Chinese Orphanage — Until Now

All 6-year-old Lucy's ever known is life in a Chinese orphanage — until now. The little girl with Down syndrome was adopted by the Shook family in Texas — Audrey, Brent, and their five biological children — from Great Wall China Adoption, which connects families all over the world with orphans with special needs, and their meeting at Bush Airport in Houston on Monday night was nothing short of special.

Audrey and Brent have always known that they wanted to adopt from China, but they put the idea on hold when they got pregnant. Nine years later, Lucy is joining their family, "We don't see it as we're going to help her, we feel like she's going to bless our lives," says Brent.

Audrey greeted Lucy at the gate, immediately introducing herself as "Mama," and with a nod of her head, Lucy fired back, "Mama," to her new mother's delight. Surely this is only the first of many sweet moments the Shook family is going to have with their newest addition.

Watch the emotional video of Lucy meeting her new mama, dad, brothers, and sisters.

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