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If you were to step into Yolanda Knox's new home, you might notice something different about her choice of decor. Hanging from her living room wall, you'll find not one but four clocks and their purpose isn't to make sure that her family of six keeps track of the current time.

Instead, each clock hangs above a baby picture and is set to the exact time of that child's birth. Above the clocks is a picture of Yolanda and her husband on their wedding day as well as the words, "In these moments, time stood still . . . " When Yolanda's nephew stopped by her home, he was blown away by this sentimental idea and tweeted a snapshot that quickly went viral.

The memory wall is a unique way to celebrate Yolanda's blended family and is bringing chills (as well as major design inspiration!) to those who come across it. "My husband and I have a blended family, both having two children from previous relationships, which is the reasoning behind the wall decor. If asked how many children do we have, we say four because together we are a one and there's no separation," Yolanda told POPSUGAR. "Sometimes in the blink of an eye, your children grow up so fast and you sit back a think I sure wish I could make time stand still!"

Image Source: Yolanda Knox
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