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Family Dinner Routine

Readers Sound Off on Feeding Their Families!

Mom may not be running a restaurant, but she often feels like it! When faced with a house of picky eaters, sometimes a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. Too often, that means resorting to different meals for each hungry mouth in an effort to maintain some peace around the dinner table. We asked our readers how many meals they make on a nightly basis and the responses varied. See what your fellow moms had to say!

  • Sienna is juggling meals these days. "Right now, I'm making two dinners — one for my husband and I, and one for the kids. My daughter (age 5) will eat what we are having sometimes, but my son (age 3) refuses."
  • Twitter follower diapersandmore keeps it simple. "One and one only! It makes a difficult night sometimes but when they eat their veggies with no prob I know it's worth it."
  • Lickety split has pared it down now that her kids are older. "Now, just one. At the worst I was making four. One for the daughter with autism who would scream until she got what she wanted, one for husband who was on the Atkins diet, one for my youngest daughter and one for my middle who was eating gluten free. All done! Here's dinner: don't like it? Make yourself a pb&j. And clean up the mess!"
  • MissSushi hopes to keep things as easy as they are now! "Just one, and it will stay at just one unless there are dietary restrictions. Once they get older, they can start cooking like I did, and we can branch out a bit. But until then it's as little work as possible to cut down on work on my end."
  • Starbucks has modified their family menu to keep it to one meal. "Just one. Baby girl is now 13 months and eats pretty much everything I serve her. The hubby is usually the one complaining, cause it's too healthy for his taste. He misses his burgers!"
  • An anonymous reader said it varies. "One meal most nights but two on the nights we're eating something they can't (I have two with food allergies, three without food allergies). I don't mind making something extra (in addition to our meal) since I'm the one that plans the meals and I don't always pick meals for all seven of us. I don't, however, make a new meal if they refuse favorite meals. They can grab a bowl of cereal or have a sandwich, etc. instead."
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amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
I refuse to be a short order cook. If my son is hungry, he'll eat what's put in front of him. The only time this rule changes is if I make something he has tried a few times and hates, like chili, or something that is too spicy for him. I just think that he's a member of the family, and he can eat what everyone else is eating, unless it's an unusual circumstance like mentioned above.
Carri Carri 6 years
My son is 20 months old and doesn't know what leftovers are, so I make two-three days worth of food for him and then cook my hubby and I dinner every night. Everyone is happy!
amber512 amber512 6 years
When my niece and nephew are over they eat what we make. But my husband and I always make things we know they'll like! I'm not sure what exactly we'll do when we have kids. I have food intolerances so my husband and I often don't eat the exact same thing.
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