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Family Has Baby With Treacher Collins Syndrome

Inside 1 Family's Decision to Have a Child With Treacher Collins Syndrome

A family has been forced to go on television to address their decision of having a child with Treacher Collins syndrome after criticisms were made toward the mom and dad. Simon and Vicky Moore are parents to a little girl named Alice, who inherited TC from her father. The genetic condition causes facial disfigurement such as cleft palates and sealed-off ears, but despite this appearance, both Alice and her dad lead normal lives.

In the video above, Vicky admits that the very moment Alice was born people already had negative reactions. "I got called the lady with the TC baby . . . I'm used to it because I've heard the remarks about Simon," she said. "But when you have a baby and you just had a baby, it sort of hits there." The pair of parents had the chance to do a genetic screening for the condition while undergoing IVF but, because it was too expensive, opted out of it and chose to go ahead with the pregnancy. Like any parents who want children, Vicky asked why would they be any different. She said on This Morning, "I would ask people to broaden their minds — we're not hurting you."

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