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Shutterbug: 17 Pictures to Take at the Beach

May 6 2014 - 3:16am

Got a family vacation to the beach in your future? Chances are you'd like to get some really great pictures of your family along the way, but well-meaning intentions don't always pan out if mama's not prepared. Whether you want them perfectly poised or completely candid, you don't need to be a professional to capture a few picture-perfect moments. So check out these ideas for must-take beach photos on your next trip.

Source: Flickr user Damian Gadal [1]


I love taking close-ups of my tots at the beach. The natural lighting combined with the fun, beachy look almost always churns out a prized photo.

Source: Flickr user The Bywaters [2]

Getting Down and Dirty

Kids love getting down and dirty at the beach — and the sand will wash off, but a picture memorializing the moment will last forever.

Source: Flickr user Mike Baird [3]

Bird Chasing

Where there are birds, there are kids chasing them — and it can make for a special photo opportunity.

Source: Flickr user thejbird [4]


Another fun way to memorialize your trip is to write in the sand and capture it. Got a new writer in the family? Even better!

Source: Flickr user Jamie [5]

Beachside Bonding

Don't forget to snap a few images of special moments had on the sandy shores, in or out of the water.

Source: Instragram user Mike Baird [6]

Stunning Silhouettes

Beachside sunsets are not only beautiful, but they provide the perfect lighting for a really stunning silhouette shot.

Source: Flickr user Damian Gadal [7]

Family Walk

A sweet family walk (or staged walk) along the beach often makes for a great photo.

Source: Flickr user laura dye [8]


Footprints in the sand are a great way to capture time spent at the beach. Even better, take a shot of the family's footprints lined up next to each other.

Source: Flickr user vicki watkins [9]

Shoes in the Sand

Your kiddos' shoes resting on the sand while they play in the distance might just end up being your favorite family beach photo ever.

Source: Flickr user Sebastian Schille [10]

Show Off Shadows

Again, the lighting at the beach is ideal for getting artistic and capturing shadow play.

Source: Flickr user bricolage 108 [11]

Fun With Perspective

Let your fam's goofy side out in the wide-open spaces, and don't be afraid to snap a few fun perspective shots.

Source: Flickr user Ashley [12]

Remarkable Reflections

The sandy shores provide great backdrops for getting some images of remarkable reflections of your children at the beach.

Source: Flickr user Henry Burrows [13]

Focus on Treasures

You might not want to tote home every treasure she found during your trip, but take a few pictures of a few choice items, and you'll have them with you always.

Source: Flickr user Peter Giordano [14]

Sandy Feet

Leave the sand at home all while capturing the essence of the beach: sandy toes.

Source: Flickr user _SiD_ [15]

Feet in the Sand

Pictures of family members' feet in the sand are great — especially if you make a yearly trip to the beach and you can take the same picture each year.

Source: Flickr user Shannon [16]

Family Flip-Flops

Capture the family's flips-flops lined up while everyone plays.

Source: Flickr user kewfriend [17]

Good Family Portrait

Whatever you do, be sure to take some time to try to get a good family portrait.

Source: Flickr user Chris A [18]

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