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Family Shares Story of Transgendered Son

One Family Shares Their Son's Brave Story

When Jeff and Hillary Whittington welcomed their daughter Ryland in 2007, they had no idea about the journey they were about to embark on. At the age of 3, Ryland would tell family and friends that she was boy. Many told the Whittingtons that this was a phase, and that their daughter was simply a "tomboy." For a while the couple believed what they were told, but after years of tear-filled conversations, they realized Ryland was transgendered; that while their child was born with female anatomy, she identified with that of a boy. Seeking guidance from experts and professionals, the Whittingtons were able to help Ryland transform from a scared, sad girl into a happy boy. Grab your tissues before watching the video of Ryland's — and his family's — brave and beautiful journey.

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LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

My last response is hardly a "rant", but I'd be less than honest or responsible if I wasn't as inclusive as possible. What, more than anything else, made so many opportunities possible for women, along with making the whole world faster, more efficient, figuratively smaller & endlessly modernized (albeit with all the complications & possibilities of errors that go along with that)? Mechanisms, devices & conveniences (phones, cars, airplanes, kitchen equipment, power tools, laundry machinery, audio & video recording devices of all kinds, &, of course, computers, to name but a few) invented by men, who, rather than socializing, were content to work long hours alone, if necessary, figuring out all sorts of complex problems. Any questions you have about my responses or anything I've included can be easily answered by simply reading the books & watching the videos I've cited. As for the past, the world used to be a much more primitive, much more immediately severely dangerous place. How many women were willing to take such social, political & cultural risks (such as exploring unfamiliar or uncharted lands). History records a few women who made it to powerful positions or made ultimate sacrifices & there may be a few others, too; but, mostly, it's been men who have taken the most intense risks. Speaking of which, here's an obligation men still have that women don't...

I'm done with this conversation. If you're not, I can only assume that you're just not willing to do any research on this issue by yourself.

CoMMember13613027903102 CoMMember13613027903102 3 years

Sir, I don't think I've been ranting in the slightest. nor am I that "radical" in my "feminism." In fact, I just re-read all my responses to see if I've been "ranting." Hmmm, sorry, don't see it. However, you're lengthy (much lengthier than my) responses are teetering on rant-y. I simply pointed out why you might have issues with women.
Secondly, Warren Farrell "discovered that his daughters had a plethora of jobs available to them simply because they are female" Like what, strippers? Further more, even if that's true (and not just Warren's opinion based purely on biased anecdotal evidence) Um, well. It's hard for me to work up to much sympathy for that since for most of the last oh, several hundred years or so, most of the available jobs were available to...I don't know, MEN.
Not long ago, women were discouraged from becoming Doctors, lawyers, carpenters, CEO's University professors.and pretty much anything that was not caring for people or cleaning. In fact, this list would be a lot shorter if I just listed what women were allowed to do: Mothering, nursing, nannying, seamstress, house cleaner, maid, and prostitute. So, yeah, it's hard for me to work up much sympathy for the tables being ever so slightly turned--if, in fact there are any studies and or statistics backing up this claim.

LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

"I don't know of any feminists that go on 'rants'."

Try looking in the mirror. Also, not all the people protesting misandry have such tragic histories as I do. They simply expect women to acknowledge & accept equal responsibility to go along with equal power (which women have, a lot more than most realize or are willing to admit). Many women (including some single mothers) look for a way around this &/or undervalue or even dismiss the importance of strong male role models in their children's lives (especially for their sons).

Btw, Warren Farrell ("The Myth Of Male Power", above) was one of the leading, most active, most outspoken advocates of women's lib in the '60s & '70s, but eventually began encountering some very subversive anti-male extremes developing from the hardcore end of feminism (that's what's meant by "radical"). He also discovered that his daughters had a plethora of career opportunities available to them simply because they were female, which wouldn't've been open to them if they'd been male.

Clearly, there are some worthy parents (both male & female) out there; I just wasn't so lucky. I'd suggest that licenses be required to have & raise children, but it would probably just make things worse. Horrific acts by mothers & other women (Judith Leekin, Andrea Yates, Na Cola Darcel Franklin, Katherine Kieu Becker, for example) do seem to be on the rise, but this seems to get a minimum of serious attention. For those of us who do know about such cases, they threaten to give motherhood (& women in general) a bad name. Does women wanting "equality" with men mean that they're o.k. with accepting the same punishments for the same crimes? In the U.K., there's been discussion of closing women's prisons.

Finally, a few other points:

One of the original descriptions of "autism" ("Autism & As-erger's Syndrome"--Hans Asperger, pg. 84) defined it as "an extreme variant of male intelligence".

How many food/drink items contain soy products?
Soy products actually mimic female hormones.
This is not healthy for males.

Another useful book: "Why Men Don't Iron" by Anne & Bill Moir
(note the title uses the word "Don't", not "Can't").

Do some serious, open-minded, objective research & you may do some re-evaluating.

Perhaps you have some "daddy" issues?

CoMMember13613027903102 CoMMember13613027903102 3 years

Let's see, your an out of work man with some serious mommy issues. Did it ever occur to you that your resentment of women and your problems with "feminists" or any woman who seems strong or demanding, might stem from your upbringing by a clearly dysfunctional mother? Transference and projection, plain and

I for one do not see how asking for gender equality is "radical." Would you like us to go back into the kitchen, bare foot and pregnant, so the men can get back to their manly Firefighting and Coal mining pursuits? Now remember, not that long ago, men used to have most of the jobs, college degrees, etc. Now that a men's job security is threatened, you're honestly going to scapegoat women and their "feminist" agenda? Please.

Lastly, I don't know of any feminists that go on "rants." But I do know that there are a lot of right wing pundits that like to go on rants about feminists!

CoMMember13613027903102 CoMMember13613027903102 3 years

Insecure and out of work, are ya? Can't figure out what else would be causing your rampant case of misogyny.

LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

"It isn't how many women 'want to', or if they are 'able' to do those jobs." Uhh...yeah, these days, it is. Any woman who wants to can claim discriminative-against-women hiring practices in a job, profession or company & nearly always win, even if she isn't as proficient, or as competent, as the men employed there. Men (&, more recently, women) have been speaking out against misandry for a while now--

In many countries (including the U.S. & the U.K.), any enforced traditional "macho" culture has become virtually non-existent.

CoMMember13613027903102 CoMMember13613027903102 3 years

Here is an article that discusses research showing the biological brain differences in transgendered people. Cecilia, this is no different than being gay or lesbian. LBGT have biological differences that make them who they are in regard to their gender or sexual preferences.

CoMMember13613027903102 CoMMember13613027903102 3 years

It isn't how many women "want to," or if they are "able" to do those jobs--it's that they are traditionally male professions that often have macho cultures that don't typically welcome women.

Lika87646 Lika87646 3 years

Denial of the reality that she is a girl will do more harm than good.


Jody65988 Jody65988 3 years

That's a lot of words with no meaning, willful ignorance and cowardice. Name of the university sweetie. Its a simple question. But I guess anyone who exposes a coward like you you with direct questions gets blocked. That's what you do. If you don't like facts, you put your fingers in your ears and ignore them. Pathetic. Please do block me, I want to forget you exist.

Jody65988 Jody65988 3 years

Which university did you get your PhD from? I would absolutely love to read your thesis. The DSM no longer classifies homosexuality as a mental illness, my dear doctor of psychology. Researchers by and large consider your bigoted theories about "curing" people of their differences so that they can be what the narrow-minded refer to as "normal" to be at best a minority opinion, at worst utter pseudo-science, both medically and psychologically speaking. Conversion therapy is outright condemned by the APA. Seriously, please tell me which university you attended, so that I can avoid it at all costs. If they gave someone like you a degree and set you loose on the unwitting population, they should face charges of crimes against humanity, and I don't want to catch myself paying tuition to such an institution.

LaustCawz LaustCawz 3 years

See if that conclusion holds up under scrutiny.

Tanya7774 Tanya7774 3 years

Actually, probably plenty.

Tanya7774 Tanya7774 3 years

They ARE letting him be who he is. Having short hair and letting him dress how he wants. He asked to be refered to as a boy! And yes, they did allow him to say why. Simply because he feels like a boy with comments such as "When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I could be a boy," Ryland told his parents. He even feels that to not disappoint his parents he needs to wait until they die to be who he is. I will say it again, we are NOT taught gender.

You lost me on the T ramble. That will come much later and isn't even a discussion now. They would not start any HRT until years and years of therapy have passed.
And that was just plain rude to comment about missing an extra part. Do you go around showing your parts to random people? Don't you think that is something they have considered, really? Don't you assume they will have these discussions with him as he grows. Come on now.

Tanya7774 Tanya7774 3 years

They did not! In another article it says that they dressed her in dresses and her room was pink! And quoted from another sources... But by the time Ryland turned five, he started actively rejecting everything feminine and soon was overwhelmed with a sense of shame.

"When the family dies, I will cut my hair so I could be a boy," Ryland told his parents.

Another time, the child exclaimed in anguish: "Why did God make me like this?"
As for a boy name, really? Are we really there? I have heard of girls named Ryan, or who are called Alex or Sam, and boys Tracy and Leslie, come on now.


OlympiaMays OlympiaMays 3 years

The torment and the pain those parents had to go through to ensure their child's happiness. Either loose a child to suicide or keep your child and only loose the sex of the child. No strings attached

KathleenGonzales KathleenGonzales 3 years

I know, it is tiring but these parents are encouraging others to do the same as what they did. For me, that can't be ignored even if some people here called me a bitch, Let them say what they want and I won't stop sharing whats on my mind. I went through depression, I went through Hell and a lot of us here went through that, wether we are bi, straight or trans. my point to those who agree for a child to trans early is that let the child grow up before letting them decide, so what if the Hormones kick up? So What? Let them grow! its the parents job to assure them that there is nothing to be disgusted of! I hated being a girl, I hated growing boobs, I wanted to be a boy! I hate that pedophiles exist and maniacs try to harass us girls but I had people who supported me all the way, just don't be afraid to tell people about how your feeling, let your parents know, they will be there for you! I sometimes wished I've told them a little earlier but I am satisfied that people accepted who I am and what I've become.

KathleenGonzales KathleenGonzales 3 years

your just plain pathetic that you have to deal with medication instead of being strong. I was put to medication but was saved from it! I guess some people have the will to fight and others just are plain pathetic and give up! I Love my awesome Trans Family and Friends and admire them for their strength! I look up to those people because despite the Shit other people gave them, they FOUGHT! They, lived life. Instead of sulking and hating what you have or what was given, why not Improve it in the long road your taking. A child is different from an Adult (Period)

Cecilia15693579 Cecilia15693579 3 years

See I like her she can be mature in sharing her point kudos to you.

Cecilia15693579 Cecilia15693579 3 years

They don't understand or at least they are trying not to. And the idea of the waiting they think that means stop the process. A lot of trans people against waiting till Rayland is older probably wish their parents did the same but through this it seems that they forget that as a child it is hard to keep things underwraps. Unless they give Rayland surgery early someone may find out and they may not be so accepting. Suvi also doesn't don't like the idea of someone realizing that they were not trans like they had thought because they never grew out of it and they were certain and stayed certain. But for all the talk they are not Rayland. I figured that a child should at least know what being a certain gender is about.before changing their own.

I'd say give it up all they seem to see is people who aren't like them passing judgement. I got pissed on my second to last comment. And just plain gave up on my last. They don't want to think about any other possibilities and find others manipulative and bitchy cissie douchenozzles (because they can pull the idea that I feel like they're freaks from thin air) if it isn't sugar coated or if it is the person is just doesn't understand. They have been hurt and not accepted as they wished so they see the suggestion of waiting as a direct attack to trans people. So I'd just say give up before more people start licking their old wounds and blaming them on people like you and you get irritated like I did.

What's done is done. I just hope Rayland stays happy with this choice that it was the right one (that this transition was honestly what was wanted) and that her parents did install some reality in this situation before Rayland gets hurt and doesn't understand why. I'm so sick of this label crap have never been up for it. Never in my life have I written down transgender or cis so many times. People apparently just can't be... simply just be and act as they please. I'm out of this convo because people don't read or like to conveniently skip over points that make what was said valid or brush things off as being silly or rude. There seems seems to be a lack analytical thinking here and people are getting up in arms over this.

Cecilia15693579 Cecilia15693579 3 years

Once again another person who missed my point. Fine whatever I'm just being a rude demeaning bitch who is condemning people who are different than myself because I just don't understand and have never seen, spoken, or engaged in activity with someone who is transgendered so in my state of shock I'm just pouring out the hate and judgement. And of course I was very general in my every comment including all cases of people who are trans and grossly wronged trans people by saying they are wrong to feel as they do. Yup that's it you and Suvi-Tuuli Allan have got me pegged.

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