After looking at super sized station wagons for weeks, my dad bought a BMW. I will never forget the look on my mom's face when he drove home in the lil black compact or how he told the four of us kids crammed in the back to "hold our breaths" so he could shut the door.

In a way, my dad's purchase put a wrinkle to our backseat wars — none of us had room to whack each other as our limbs were intertwined and since our knees were jabbed in the back of the front seats, we were forced to resort to dirty looks. To see how the tradition continues,


But no matter how big of a vehicle you buy, as a mom, I am beginning to think backseat squabbles are inevitable. In our seven passenger car, my two children still manage to get on each other's nerves.

Granted they are seated in specific spaces for safety reasons, but even restrained in car seats, they find ways to taunt one another. My son latches on to locks of my daughter's hair and she playfully pokes at his pudgy cheeks.

While the antics are annoying, as far as brother and sisterly bonds go these exchanges are pretty harmless.

Do you have any car horror stories to share? Or, how do you create harmony in your car?