My father-in-law had his mother-in-law in town last weekend so he decided to pay us a visit. I, being a lucky soul, love my in-laws to bits and pieces and was thrilled to hear he was coming. Grandmas are always praised for their tenderness, caring, and endless desire to change diapers. Be our guest! But, this sometimes leaves Grandpas lurking in their shadows.

When Grandpa showed up without Grandma, it gave him time to shine. I've always been a fan of his, but this visit made me realize why I love him and his son so much. Watching them play with our daughter made me laugh and smile to no end. My father-in-law was an incredible role model for my husband who is also an amazing dad. For that, I want to give him props. We hear terrible in-law stories too often. Here's to father-in-laws around the world who go unrecognized. BRAVO!

Some ways Grandpa can spend quality time with Baby:

  • Go to music class, gym class or storytime
  • Take baby out for a walk
  • Take baby to the park for a swing ride
  • Read to baby
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