You can't read your daughter's mind, but you can read her books. A great way to connect with your budding bookworm is to start a mother-daughter book club. Each week (every other week, or month, whatever you decide) you and your daughter can meet with other mothers and daughters to discuss the texts. Read the books with your lil one, or separately — it's up to you. Kids' books are a breeze to get through, which means it's not going to end up being a big time commitment on your end, but you'll both get a lot out of it. Need help getting the ball rolling? Just


Real Simple has five easy steps for getting a club started with your kiddo. They are:

  1. Assemble the group.
  2. Choose a regular date.
  3. Choose the books.
  4. Divide hosting duties.
  5. Meet.

Check out Real Simple for full details. And for more help, the site lists books appropriate for certain age groups.