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Family Ties: Subtle Differences Between Siblings

There are many differences between men and women, but it all starts when they are boys and girls. Lately, I've noticed how differently my daughter and son accomplish the simplest of tasks. And, I attribute it more to their sex than age.
Open a door
Daughter — Drags a sturdy step stool to the door, climbs up and unlocks it.
Son — Stacks up his cardboard block tower, tests it out with one foot and then daringly climbs it to reach the lock.
Shut a door
Daughter — Shuts the door and checks to make sure it is closed.
Son — Takes a running start down the hall and swings it shut with a bang.
Take a bath
Daughter — Relaxes, plays with bath toys and suds herself up.
Son — Stands in the water while peeing and laughing hysterically, floods floor.
Get a snack
Daughter — Gets a paper towel and puts the snack on it.
Son — Risks bodily harm as he slips a glass Pyrex of brownie crumbs off the counter, empties the remnants on the floor, grabs a spoon from the silverware drawer and eats off linoleum while smiling and saying, "Mmm."

Do you notice differences in the way your children do things?

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