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Family Time Fun Dinner Games

Toy Box: Family Time Fun Dinner Games

Get your kids excited about family dinners with a fun game that will keep them sitting in their seats! Family Time Fun's Beginner Dinner Games ($15) is a little tin box filled with 51 games to play while seated at the dinner table. The games don't require a board or pieces, just a mouth that works and food on the plate.

While some games encourage tots from three to six to eat different colors, others require them to make up a song about an item on the table and have each family member hide something on their lap while the kids try to guess what is missing. Great for keeping wee ones in their seats, Beginning Dinner Games is a great way to keep the TV off and the conversation flowing.

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Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
Another great dinner table activity is reading. After dinner while the children have dessert I read to them. They all love it, from the 17 year old on down to the 6 year old. If you don't do dessert time at your home you can just have reading time for a few minutes after everyone is done eating. I do like the idea of these games in a box though. I've seen them in catalogs before. Anything that will get families eating together more often is a good thing imo.
katbaran katbaran 8 years
I think its great to start "beginner dinner games" before dinner - by making it fun to help/serve/work together getting dinner ready and setting the table together. Singing - making up our own songs about helping or being together was a great way we did this as the kids were little. They enjoyed it, and learned that we get to make our own fun out of work. So many families don't eat together anymore - so this would be a great help to them. I would love it.
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