Mommy Dearest,

My husband's parents' 50th anniversary is coming up in December and they offered to take the entire family on a trip to celebrate. They selected a cruise that does not return until the 5th of January. While the trip works for the rest of the family, it means my preschooler and kindergartener will miss the first two days back to school after Winter break. My mother-in-law says that I shouldn't worry because the children are young. Though I am grateful for the vacation, I am wary of the kids missing class. Should we skip the trip?

– Cruisin' in Lieu of School Mama

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Cruisin' in Lieu of School Mama,

It's your in-laws' 50th anniversary — a once in a lifetime event that your children are lucky enough to be a part of— I say take them on the trip and don't worry about the two days of missed class. While the vacation is a generous offer, the experience is one your kiddos will always remember and likely means a great deal to your husband's parents. Prior to leaving, sit down with your children's teachers, explain the situation and see if any assignments need to be completed.

– Mommy Dearest

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