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Father Beats Son's Sexual Abuser

Father Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Son's Sexual Abuse

Don't come between a parent and someone who is harming their child. After walking in on a man sexually abusing his son, a Daytona Beach, FL, father called the cops and proceeded to beat the alleged abuser, Raymond Frolander, within an inch of his life. Authorities arrived at the house and found the 18-year-old lying motionless on the floor with bruises on his face and blood coming from his mouth. Frolander was taken into custody and admitted to abusing the boy, who was under the age of 12. At this point, no charges have been filed against the boy's father.

Source: Local 10; front page image source: Shutterstock

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GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

Hey dipshit:
I was a victim too, & that's why I'm an advocate for "just punishment" when it comes to chimos"!
I would have absolutely no problem "curb-stomping" 1 of these sons-of-bitches & then making a sandwich & eating it while I watch the paramedics carry him away & wait for the police to take me away!
You defend the bastards & we'll do "whatever it takes by ANY means necessary" to protect our children!

GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

No Jennifer, he/she wouldn't!
They'd sit down & to find out what kind of person the offender was/is & what led them to make such a horrible decision.
they would then go all "touchy-feely" on the offender, & "validate their humanity" by telling them that "while what they did was wrong, that doesn't necessarily make them a "bad Person"!
Typical f**king liberal mentality!!!

GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

To paraphrase a quote from an episode of In The Heat Of The Night, after Chief Bill Gillespie punches a man who had hit his daughter!
Original lines (after the blow is thrown):
You wouldn't have done that if these cops weren't here"!
If they weren't here I'd have shot you!
My line is:
If this was my child & I'd have walked in on something like this: I'd have beat you to death with my own 2 hands!!!

GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

My baby tells me that someone "touched her", there's going to be a MAJOR ass-whipping handed out!
I walk in & catch it,
You stupid f**k, obviously you know nothing of what it's like to be molested or else you wouldn't have such a "touchy feely" mindset about this.

GeorgeCooperrider GeorgeCooperrider 3 years

What is missing in this picture is the fact that this isn't a "post mortem" picture!
It would have been if this was my child!
Dad showed a lot of restraint in not killing the bastard!

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 3 years

I am so sorry that happened to you. I truly hope that you and others who have gone through such pain and suffering have gotten the help, love, and support you needed and may still need. I didn't mean to sound hateful or ignorant; I am questioning the parents and wondering why they don't pick up on cues from the child - something had to be amiss.

JeanDeaux1364181123 JeanDeaux1364181123 3 years

Were I the kid's dad and had my pocketknife with me I'd have relieved the little pervert of his "junk" so there would be no repeat offenses with either my kids or anyone else's! I believe your heart is pure and your intentions noble, but I suspect you're all eaten up with the dumb ass.

JeanDeaux1364181123 JeanDeaux1364181123 3 years

The Saudi's have a very effective prevention program; the sentence for child rape is crucifixion. No repeat offenders and few first time offenders. There is no appeal and the sentence is usually carried out within a week.

LoriA1366998955 LoriA1366998955 3 years

If you dont have a child, please dont comment you will never understand how it feels to know your child is being hurt, let alone walk in on some one hurting your child. You dont stop and think! You react and i know every parents reaction in this situation at the least would be this! If you are a parent and i am wrong let me know.

You dont have an idea of what you are capable of doing until you have children.

JenniferCovert83938 JenniferCovert83938 3 years

As soon as I laid eyes on my children I promised them I would protect them and love them for the rest of my life. If that means going to jail or dying for then I would do it in a heart beat. They are my life and my world. They are helpless and innocent. A pedophile isn't. No, he wouldn't be another human being in my eyes. He's an animal that preyed on the helpless and weak and needs to be put down. Someone that is raping them and hurting them would not get away with it. They don't deserve mercy and compassion. I'm not going to feel bad for them after they tried to destroy my kids childhoods. You say you would feel "angry" but a real parent would not just feel "angry" no they would be in a rage because someone is physically and mentally hurting their babies. You wouldn't be thinking. You would be reacting. Any normal human being would have reacted the same way this father did. The father actually reacted better then most and was able to stop himself from killing the dirtbag. He would have been in the wrong ( in the eyes of the law) if he would have waited till later and planned it out( although I still wouldn't blame him at that point). But he didn't. It was the site of the man in the act of hurting his baby that triggered him to attack and defend his child. For you to not feel the same way and find it abhorrent and unnatural for a father to beat up the pedophile means you're not a parent and maybe relate to much with the pedophile in my eyes. You think a pedophile is going to hold still for you or stop when you tell them to. They are more likely to attack you and probably kill you and the child to get away. You're willing to risk your life and that of your child's to prevent the pedophile from getting "hurt" and you think there's something wrong with me for willing to kill that piece of garbage raping an innocent child? Yeah, you should get help yourself because there is something seriously wrong with you.

JoanCoy JoanCoy 3 years

You're an idiot.

KaeseanJoseph KaeseanJoseph 3 years

Dlg123 thinks that Dad should have given him the benefit of the doubt. Then called the behavioral health crisis line to get him some help. GTFOH! I'm a Mental Health Therapist and I STILL cannot agree with dlg123 with his foolishness.

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

I certainly would be angry. I still would not be able to do that to another human being.

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

Or dlg123 understands the situation and has compassion for everyone involved. It's interesting to me how people will attempt to dehumanize the targets of their hate....

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

Wrong again. I'm not an addict.

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

Not true. Thanks to people like you, scientists, researchers and psychologists are afraid for their careers and their lives to tell the truth. People just want to hate. So sad and unfortunate for the families of all involved in these crimes.

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

Um....yes I do. Personal knowledge.

DonnaGilbert37628 DonnaGilbert37628 3 years

I'm not afraid of being judged by you or anyone else. All of these hateful comments about killing another human being and I'm the airhead who shouldn't have children? LOL Simply amazing.

LisaCoon1391014230 LisaCoon1391014230 3 years

I get you, dlg. And before everyone jumps on the bandwagon to hate me, I am a mom with an 8 year old boy. While I COMPLETELY understand why the father did what he did, I also understand the concept of love your neighbor as you love yourself. It's not love your neighbor as long as they're cool and aren't a dick, just love your neighbor. Yes, he should have been stopped and turned over to the authorities, but there's no part of beating the crap out of someone that falls under love your neighbors. I'm not even a christian and I wouldn't want to put that kind of energy out into the universe (although, if I came across this happening to my son, I may do the same thing). HOWEVER, if this came under the review of the district attorney, they would likely assess the situation and determine if they should even bother to charge the dad because they may decide that it's unlikely that he would be convicted by a jury of his peers, so why waste the people's time and money?

And it's not defending the abuser, it's being a rational human being instead of an emotional time bomb. We are the product of millions of years of evolution. Act like it.

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