There's nothing more terrifying than not being able to help your child, but one dad defied nature to save his offspring. An outing for fresh air quickly turned into a traumatic event when a mountain lion dragged off one family's five-year-old. Jose Sr. and Charlotte Salazar were hiking with their three children in New Mexico's Cibola National Forest when a wild cat seized Jose Jr. One report said:

The elder Jose was carrying the couple's 1-year-old child, while 3-year-old Teresa and Jose Jr. walked just ahead of the pair. When Teresa stopped to pick up flowers, Jose Jr. went a few feet ahead around a bend -- and that's when the Salazars heard their oldest child's painful cries and screams.

Charlotte was 38 weeks pregnant with the couple's fourth child so it was up to Jose Sr. who was wearing cowboy boots to save their son. The 30-year-old father followed the big cat and was eventually able to scare it off of his child and carry him to safety before calling 911. Aside from the stitches on lil Jose's head and some emotional scars, he has recovered. The family has since welcomed a new addition, son Mauricio.