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Last week, when a coworker pointed at my shirt, I immediately started to panic. My first thought: My breasts are leaking. Or maybe I had missed a spit-up stain in my state of groggy semi-wakefulness this morning. Or worse yet, a big ol’ blob of dried poop.

Instead my coworker said, "You look nice in that shirt." Nice? That was the last thing I'd been expecting to hear. Every morning it's such a struggle to look halfway presentable, 'nice' isn’t even on the agenda.

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With a baby daughter who is nearing the five-month mark, I'm feeling much more 'mom' than 'woman' these days, and I'm hoping the two aren't forever mutually exclusive. But with my once ornamental breasts now serving a utilitarian role, and with fluids regularly oozing onto me from every hole on my baby's body, it's tough to make the transition to 'nice,' let alone sexy.


When my husband first broached the subject of intimacy after childbirth, I asked, "You mean, with me?" What's surprised me most about our romps in the bed is his ability to still feel attracted to me (though I've given him full permission to fantasize about someone else).

Even more bewildering was the recent catcall I got walking home from the metro. I turned to snatch a curious glance at the hot young girl I was sure must be walking behind me, only to find the sidewalk empty. Is there such a thing as catcall recall? Clearly, this man was sadly mistaken.

Actually, lots of people insist I look great — which is very sweet of them and I'll take the compliment, thank you very much — but on the 'repulsive' to 'sexy' scale, I always feel somewhere between 'barely passable' and 'halfway presentable' — even in heels and mascara.

And that's OK, for now, as long as it's not forever. I may never again sleep through the night, stay out past 11 p.m., or wear a bikini, but I would, eventually, like to get my mojo back.

How long did it take you to reclaim your sex appeal after childbirth? Any advice for the rest of us?

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