Yesterday, one of my dear friends hosted an Easter egg hunt at her house for six mums and their tots.

My babe and I were supposed to attend, but sadly she woke up with a fever for the third day in a row. I was hoping that she would rise and shine in her usual spunky demeanor. Instead, she was cranky, hot and obviously not feeling up to par.

To see what happened,


Instead of plucking pastel treats from the grass, we spent the afternoon in the doctor's office taking cultures for strep, which were thankfully negative.

But my question was and still is, how many days should you let pass before exposing your sick child to other children? Many moms believe if the fever is gone, all is well. I'm a tad more cautious. I prefer sick kiddos keep their distance for at least one healthy 24–hour period.

How much time do you let lapse after a sick day?