This month families will fall back into a routine as the kiddos head back to class and parents get organized. While you're stocking up on items to take you through the rest of the year, consider some of our fabulous must haves that make a mama's life easier! From baby gear to art supplies, we've got a few favorite lil things.

  • Storksak Jess Diaper Bag ($158). Whether you've got one babe or a bunch, the British brand makes amazing totes for mothers on the move. The Jess is a well-made, stylish bag that provides enough space to stash necessities and sits firm on a mum's shoulder so she can hold onto lil hands or push a stroller.
  • Made Me Blush Smartzip Sleeper ($24). The soft cotton one piece is perfect for a sleeping babe because it zips both ways making changing diapers a cinch.
  • Snugli Sway Soft Carrier ($35). Many slings involve a mother wrapping her wee one, but the Snugli has a secure insert to buckle the newborn in and even nurse!
  • Simple Shoes for Kids ($38 - $42). These colorful and flexible shoes will keep your toddler on track and in style.
  • Corsario Soft Pencil Case ($25). Made my Haba, this cute pirate cannon can hold writing utensils and erasers while doubling as a rolling desktop toy.