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When a friend is getting married 1,500 miles away, families have to decide whether to bring the kids or leave them at home. Sometimes the choice is made for them but other times, parents must weigh the options. For my last destination wedding, my husband and I chose to bring the tots with us. While it was a fun family trip, it posed one major dilemma — who would watch the children while we go to the wedding? In my case, Facebook came to the rescue.

Some people are wary of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but they can actually come in quite handy for mamas in need. After booking our flight, I logged onto my Facebook account and posted a status, "Does anyone have a babysitter in the Texas hill country?" Within minutes, I had three replies offering help and phone numbers. While none of my friends live in the area, they have friends who do and were able to put me in touch with their babysitters. In an hour, I landed a sweet and responsible young lady to watch my children. Just as expected, she showed up on time and ready to work. Other sites like Sittercity and Care Square provide references for caregivers all over the country, but I prefer a direct reference from a friend. And, it's free!

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kia kia 8 years
Hopefully a DW is family-friendly. My husband and I were married in Costa Rica and there were no restrictions on who came to the wedding once you traveled that far. We did not go through a resort but a small coastal town with a woman that helped organize things things in the area. We also went through her to help find someone trustworthy for any babysitting. This is rare and worked for us since she is someone we trust. Many resorts and planners will be able to direct you to qualified baby sitters. This is how the bride and groom usually help to direct their guests to options (which they should do if you are making the journey). Just be sure to double-check the person watching your kids because all resorts and planners are not necessarily in business for the best interests of your kids. Another option if the bride and groom don't have options and you are going somewhere remote/small are to check the local tourism bureau and research based on their recommendations.
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