Loaded weapons and lil ones don't mix in my opinion. I hope my daughter and son never wrap their hands around a gun. Not now or ever. Growing up in San Francisco in the 80s, it wasn't all too unusual to see a gun cabinet at a friend's house or hear a rumor that their father had a gun. My own dad took me target shooting when I was ten. But, times have changed and I'm not keen on my children attending a playdate in a home that had firearms. Why? Because accidents happen and not all people take the proper precautions in storing weapons and as a result, kids die.

We told you about the four-year-old that shot herself when she pulled her grandma's loaded gun from her purse in Sam's Club and a father who forced his six-year-old daughter to pose with a pistol. Yesterday, news reports said a child was shot when her drunk father cleaned his firearms. Though the headlines are few and far between, every fatality is worrisome. Are you a gun free family?