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First Day of School Photo

OnSugar Blog: First Day of School!

Lots of moms like to think out loud and nubienatty is one of them. With back to school in full swing, she shares her lil one's first day of school picture and more on her Kandid Koilz blog. Here's an excerpt from her post.

So last week was the first day of school for me and Mason! Time is justa flyin baby's in pre-k4 already. I remember the first time I dropped him off at that school two yrs ago **sniff** as you can see he no longer wears his bookbag on both shoulders, just one strap for him because that's what the big boys do **rolling eyes** We're going to make sure we're off to a good start and there's no clowning around because I don't want to have another conference where his teacher calls him a "class clown"!

Of course I was extra ready for my first day of school, eek! I decided to keep my English online and math on campus. Remember, I haven't been to school in 10 yrs. I clearly feel like I'm the oldest one in class at 30 and I feel like I'm on another planet.

Because the first day of school can cause such a flutter and coming out of the groove of Summer, I decided to start a new tradition for the first day just to get motivated into looking forward for what the school year will bring. Mason loves gifts but we call them "surprises"


To keep the new found tradition going . . . I figure hey, I'm in school too, so I deserve a "surprise"!

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Carfi366 Carfi366 6 years
I hope you both have a great year. I like the surprise deal. I start classes 3 Oct, I think I will need a surprise, LOL
DivaDeb25 DivaDeb25 6 years
What did you put in his lunch? I'm just asking? LOL Give Mason a hug for me, and you didn't need a back to school gift!! LOL Good luck with your Math can do it!!!
crissyQ crissyQ 6 years
hey Mason,*waving* have a great year. Nubie girl where do you keep all the make-up? I am going to see about getting the claisonic because your skin looks great! You too have a good school year and I will be waiting on those grades missy.
nubienatty nubienatty 6 years
thanx sweets :)
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