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20s, 30s, or 40s: Which Decade Is Best For Becoming a Mom?

Just a couple of weeks after her 25th birthday, Kristin Cavallari announced she and fiancé Jay Cutler are expecting their first baby. Kristin joins fellow twenty-something soon-to-be mama Hilary Duff, who turned 24 last September. While both Kristin and Hilary reflect the national average age for women to become first time moms — it now stands at 25.1 years old — they certainly aren't the norm for celebs, many of whom wait until their 30s before they have a baby. Molly Sims is expecting a honeymoon baby at age 38 with hubby Scott Stuber. Jessica Simpson will welcome her firstborn at age 31, and Beyoncé became mom to Blue Ivy at 30. I had my daughter at 31 and I thought that was the perfect age — young enough to be able to cope with the lack of sleep in the beginning and, later, the high energy of a lil one, but old enough to not have any regrets about missing out on my carefree 20s. So what decade do you think is best for becoming a new mom? Weigh in below!

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iheartAva12 iheartAva12 5 years
I agree that it depends on where you stand in your life. I'm 26 and expecting my first child and I couldnt be happier. Everyone is different, but I grew up understanding a motto that "You grow with your children." I have seen young moms get wrapped up in their "20's" and I have seen some who have accomplished degrees and careers while raising a child. I feel I am one of them. I finished college years ago and am getting settled into my career...I have a great relationship and blessed with two families who are excited to be sharing this excitement (and responsibility) with me and my boyfriend. I must admit, my "biological clock" did start ticking a while back because I marveled at how my parents raised me and my brother...Dad was 22, Mom was 23 when they had me and four yrs later had my brother...were married at 21. Now or days that may seem far-fetched, but times were different. I, however felt that I could make it work. I hear people say "I have to live my life" but you can do that with children...I even believe children add a different dynamic to that equation. I want to be young enough to keep up with the times and keep up with my baby and relationship. I believe if you have confidence and a well-rounded outlook on life, being a Mid 20's mom like myself and many other is rewarding.
coldchaos coldchaos 5 years
It's a generalization, but in my own experience, and what I have witnessed in my friends, late 20's to the first half of 30's seems best. I am 35, and about to have my first baby. I keep hearing that after 35, risks start going up, not just for mom, but for the baby to have birth defects or birth complications. My fiancee wants to have another kid later on, but even after a couple years, I worry. If my child had to live with something that went wrong because WE had to have another baby, even though I was older, I would feel selfish. That's just me. I know people are having kids older and older, and this could reflect certain changes in our population. For one thing, women on average might be staying healthier into their 30s and 40s...and our values include things other than being a wife and/or mother, and those values should be acknowledged.Each woman has to be honest with herself about where she is in her life: mentally, emotionally, financially, relationship wise, and physically. And then, be honest about how a child will really fit in and be affected by the place she's in with herself.I have witnessed friends carry through unexpected pregnancies in their early 20s, and it changed their lives for the better, and brought tons of unexpected joy and learning, and probably kept them from self destructive paths. However, I have seen women in the same situation at that age, who have not been able to let go of the paths they were following before, at least not for long. they end up not being able to handle it right, and then they and their child have to deal with the heartache and fear of dealing with social services, and worse. And they and up with a combination of guilt and resentment over the fact that they don't truly feel ready to stop being "young, dumb, and...". I would not have been ready.As it is, I am trying to approach this huge life even with no expectations beyond that it will change my life in so many different ways, many of which I might not even see coming. The most important thing, is that I remain honest with myself about how I am living my life, and have the maturity to put others first, not only my child but my significant other, and to recognize the rewards for doing so. I have no experience with babies, and almost none with older children. However, I feel confident in my intentions and I know I will figure it out until it becomes natural for me. I wanted change, and I got it! And I can't wait! <3
amber512 amber512 5 years
i would have loved to have had kids in my twenties, but it looks like it is going to be thirties instead!
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